MPMAN: Install Google Play on MPMAN Tablet (MID74C ANDROID 4.0 ICS ) [ex-AndroidMarket]


I have a cheap Android tablet, an MPMAN MID74C. The problem is: it doesn't come with Android Market, I mean Google Play now. Instead of Google Play, MPMAN chose to pre-install GetJar.

First thing I wanted to do: install Google play on my new MPMAN Tablet.


My Tablet is **MID74C** but I had confirmation that it works on many other similar tablet.

Also, my apologies but the 2 screenshots below are in french, I'm sure it won't be a problem.

Step 1: Download the following file

Use the button below to download the APK file for Google Play.

Step 2: Unzip the file

I would advise you to use 7zip if you are a Windows' user.

Transfer all the file on your MPMAN tablet. I used the SD Card but you can also do it with the USB cable.

Step 3: Install these files

Now use your file manager on your MPMAN tablet and find the folder where you copied the 4 files. You only have to open them to install them, that will finish the installation of Google Play on MPMAN tablet.

You have to follow a specific order to open them:

  1. GoogleServiceFramework.apk read note below
  2. OneTimeInitializer.apk
  3. SetupWizard.apk