1. Make PHP lib functions like dump() or dd() globally available

    Never use var_dump() again, even when you work outside Laravel or Symfony

  2. Set up Caddy and PHP-fpm on Ubuntu 18.04

    Handle automatic on-demand SSL certificate for as many domain as you need

  3. Setting up Discourse on Laravel Forge

    Setup Discourse with SSL on a server managed with Laravel Forge

  4. Setting up Horizon and Spark with Laravel Forge

    Using Spark Kiosk to authenticate to Horizon and setting up Supervisor with Laravel Forge

  5. PhpStorm: get autocomplete for PrestaShop

    A simple way to get autocomplete in PHPStrom by extending all *Core classes, outside of your project

  6. Getting started with Hybrid Base and Hybrid Core (Wordpress Framework)

    Hybrid is by far my favorite wp framework

  7. Setup VSFTPD with custom multiple directories and (virtual) users accounts on Ubuntu (no database required)

    Install the best FTP software on your server with multiple users

  8. How to create (add new) a MySQL user in command line

    I should definitely know this one but I keep coming back to this quick post