Laravel Multi-tenant app: keeping it simple

When you're building a Saas app with Laravel, you'll often come across the concept of "tenancy" and making a "multi-tenant" app. This basically means that each user access their own data and assets that can be different from other users.

When I started building I came up with the following feature list. Not everything was so straight forward so I'm writing this series of articles to share what I found.

Feature list

⛔️ No packages

1️⃣ Single database

🌎 Custom domain (not just subdomains)

🔓 SSL everywhere

  1. Part 1: Introduction

    Let's go over the demo projec

  2. Part 2: [Laravel Multi-Tenant] Routing for multi-domain app

    Setting up simple routing for multi-tenant app with multi-domains (not just sub-domains)